There have been a number of developments in recent years that have turned solar electricity into a compelling investment for your home or your business.

First …
Economic Benefits

* For the past several years, New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) has been promoting reliable, clean, renewable energy sources. New Jersey residents and businesses can take advantage of the most generous solar electric rebate program in the country. This amounts to approximately 50% of the cost of a typical residential installation.
* Additionally, there are generous Federal Tax Credits that further reduce what you pay to install your system; these dramatically increase your return on investment.
* You may substantially reduce, or eliminate, the amount of electricity purchased from your utility provider. (And you will be eliminating the most expensive rates on your bill).
* Your utility company is required to give you credit for any electricity that your system produces in excess of your requirements. (This net metering will spin your electric meter backwards during the day).
* You will be paid for the environmental contribution your solar electric system is making. Solar Renewable Energy Credits (S-RECs), sometimes referred to as Green Tags, convert into money in hand for you.
* Your solar electric system is an effective hedge against future energy price increases.
* Your system will be returning at least a 10% annual after tax yield on a safe and secure investment. And that’s at today’s energy prices. All future energy price increases will steadily improve your rate of return.

What makes your solar electric system such an effective long-term investment?

* Advances in the industry have made the components of your system afforable, effective and more versatile, producing power to run almost any load in your home or business.
* Your system has no moving parts and requires a minimum of maintenance.
* It is backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, and is expected to have a useful lifespan well in excess of that period, between 40 and 50 years.

Secondly …
Environmental Benefits

* Solar electricity is a renewable source of energy that will not decrease with use. Whatever you use today, will in no way decrease the amount that can be used tomorrow, next year, or in a hundred years.
* Your solar electric system is silent and non-polluting. It will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other substances released into the atmosphere that contribute substantially to global warming, climate change, water & soil contamination, and major health risks including asthma & respiratory tract infections.
* You will be contributing to the reduction in the demand for finite fossil fuels and our dependence on foreign oil supplies.